Thomas J. Price - Getting to know a British artist 

We, the 6C, went to the Thomas J. Price exhibition on the 24th of May at the Kunsthalle Krems. The pieces that he made are beautiful and unique. Some of them are hand sculpted and the newer ones are even 3D-printed. There is a statue outside that is 2 metres tall and has a black shiny finish. He specialises on sculpting and wants to represent – unlike most artists – the average black people instead of celebrities. For all sculptures he doesn’t use real people as reference. Some of them look at daily devices like their phones. As the artist states, his sculptures are “fictional people depicting real moments”. He also used to make short videos and we saw one, where he tied his shoes and two stop motion videos of a face.
We used this exhibition to involve ourselves with Black and British history as well as art – a preparation for our coming language- sport-week.

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